Who we are and what we do

Bioforest is a firm dedicated to the development and management of projects related to reforestation, restoration and conservation of the Peruvian Amazon rain forest. We put special attention on the development of projects with sound environmental and social benefits, including in our financial projections the benefits of the commercialization of environmental services, as it is the case of our REDD projects.

We promote the protection of ecosystems, the recuperation of degraded areas and the sustainable use of natural resources. Bioforest help communities develop their own conservation projects in order for them to get paid for what they have been doing for centuries; protecting their forest and living in harmony with nature!

Our professional management team works in close coordination with our technical experts on a constant monitoring of field activities so we can maintain the budget and schedule as planned. In our investment projects we work in association with local communities, NGO's and other institutions for the development of rural areas and the improvement of local living conditions.